Nightwalk Werkspoor


Expodium likes to stroll and awe. Ever since starting our monthly Nightwalks in Utrecht’s Werkspoorkwartier in 2015, we cherish the imaginations walking provokes. Time and again. 

For as Michel de Certeau writes: "The long poem of walking manipulates spatial organizations, no matter how panoptic they may be: it is neither foreign to them (it can take place only within them) nor in conformity with them (it does not receive its identity from them). It creates shadows and ambiguities within them."

Our Nightwalk starts at 20.00 hours. Almost every third Thursday of the month. We gather below trainstation Zuilen, next to the Werkspoor locomotive. We’d be more than happy if you join us for an exploration of our city: the existing, the probable and the possible.

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